That’s all about the main menu plants vs. zombies 2


Lots of casual category games are available online, but Plants vs. Zombies 2 is one of the best game. It is recently launched by popular studio Electronic arts. The game is available free of cost, but some items are purchasable with the help of real and virtual currencies with Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack. The purchasable items start from 79 rupees to 7,900. The game is run on current 6.8.1version with the latest update. In it, you can create own avatar and with the help of Facebook play with friends. In it, 11+ worlds are available with 300 levels.

Main option-

In the game, many options are available in the main menu. Each option is useful for different work. If you want to know about main menu option, then read it.

  1. Music Volume-

If you want to set the music volume as per the requirement then uses this option. In it, you can also mute the music if you not like.

  1. Sound FX-

Some people are not like to listen to sound in the game. If you are also not like to listen to sound, then use this option.

  1. Notifications-

This icon is used to get the information about game. It means if you want to get notification related with the game then tap on it. As per the promotions, option is also available.

  1. Back to game-

It is helpful for going to the next screen. For example- Suppose you are present in the main menu screen and want to go to the main screen then tap on this icon.

  1. Restart level-

If you want to restart the level in the game, then tap on this option. If you suddenly fail in the level then tap on this icon. As per that in the game many options are available which are used for different work.