Stress in the city

Researchers have known that known for many years that the sounds of nature aid concentration. To be able to relax in natural surroundings is thought by many psychologists to have many benefits for our health, our state of mind and our emotions. Gabriel Moser, an environmental psychologist in Paris, conducted research into the relationship between surroundings and behavior and found that city life and high-density environments reduce altruistic behavior making people less civil. Modern city life can lead to more people being impatient, intolerant and negative towards others. Perhaps it’s because we are bombarded with so much that demands our attention. Perhaps it’s the pace of life. Or perhaps the lack of greenery cuts us off from nature but whatever the reason we tend to seek solace, a place to unwind, and a calm, natural place that provides tranquillity away from these stresses. This is why park and open spaces are so popular and necessary in urban areas and cities.

Get back to natural for better health

Research has also established a direct association between nature and feelings of well-being. Specifically, the positive effect that trees, plants, and foliage have in reducing stress. There is a wealth of evidence that suggests that natural places, parks, and lakes can make people feel better. And not only do people feel better, the images and sounds from natural scenes actually reduce psychological stress. They are proven to lower blood pressure, reduce the production of stress hormones and have a positive effect on brain activity. Natural sounds and scenes also have a similar effect on health and well-being. A benchmark 1980’s study showed that patients recovering from gall-bladder operations recovered more quickly when the view from their window was of nature, plants, and trees rather than more urban features such as road, walls, and pavements.

Reverse the effects of exhaustion and stress

Sights and sounds from natural environments enable us quickly change our state and reverse the effects of mental exhaustion and stress. For example; many online therapies for problems like Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Depression, and Phobia include the sounds of nature. And it’s not surprising that popular ‘talking cure’ therapies like Stop Anxiety Now, Free From Stress and Phobia Free all feature sounds from nature to induce a calm receptive state at different psychological levels. So whether you are looking for an online therapy to help you feel better or just want to recover your sense of self-make there many good reasons why you should get back to nature.