Loan offers for weddings and wedding: does the marriage loan really exist?

The most beautiful day of one’s life, marriage, and one would like to have the maximum, so that the dream is complete. In case of need, to deal with large amounts of money, the solution is a personal loan that allows you to focus on the event, calmly postponing the stress of payments.

Also for the financing of the wedding, it is good to make a screening between the proposals of different banking and financial institutions, paying attention to the common ways to request a loan of any kind, how to repay the installment and in how many months, the TAN, the APR, requirements and appropriate documentation, ancillary costs, the need for insurance. Generally, the age of those applying for funding ranges from 18 to 70 years (but this limit can also widen, depends on the bank) and above all, however, the presence of an income and therefore the ability to repay the amount obtained must be demonstrated.

A first possibility (generic, as it is the basis of numerous loan applications) is the fifth salary for employees (both public and private) or pension, whose installments are deducted directly on the paycheck or pension and with many proposals in About. But here are some specific ideas.

Specific solutions

It’s called Loan Marriage Loan dedicated to the wedding of Ultranix : you can get in 48 hours, it is flexible as required, repayable in installments to be decided. An example : an Internet request of 10 thousand euros ( without costs of practical management ), can be reimbursed in 120 months with installments of 111 euros per month. With a fixed TAN of 5.56%, APR equal to 6.17%, the total amount to be paid is 13.320 euros.

Loans for Marriage is the formula of Carry Bank aimed at this event: it allows a loan of up to 30 thousand euros, repayable from 24 to 120 months (for the 70-year-old the reimbursement must take place within the 75th year of age). Here, requests from non-EU citizens are also taken into consideration, for which a residence permit is required in the documentation (plus identity card, tax code and health card). In addition, together with the current account header and IBAN code, the payment of a registered utility (gas, electricity, telephone) must be documented.

For Astrofinance the Ceremonies Funding includes not only the first marriage (or even more!) But also any relative anniversary (golden wedding, silver…). The amount paid ranges from one thousand to sixty thousand euros, with the possibility of changing or skip the installment provided at the beginning. If you decide to ask 5 thousand euros, choosing the repayment in 48 monthly installments each of 125.50, the amount due is 6.024 euros (fixed TAN 9.45%, fixed TAEG 9.87%).

It’s still

Peter Lottery by yobank proposes itself as a flexible loan aimed at employees (even temporary), self-employed and retired. Here there is a further exception to the age rules as the loan can be requested from 18 to 80, at the end of the loan. An important rule is that the loan is really related to personal and family needs, so we fall well into marriage, but not the purchase of real estate and / or property (even if these are considered, after all, very personal…). You can ask from a minimum of 2 thousand euros to a maximum of 75 thousand, with a duration that ranges from 2 to 10 years, to which must be added the period of pre-amortization, namely the period between the date of loan disbursement and the starting date of the first amortization rate. Recalling also that the pre-amortization interests are determined at the same fixed TAN of the loan and received on the first installment). And again: the rate is fixed for amounts lower than 50 thousand euro, fixed or variable between 50 thousand and 75 thousand.

In this quick overview to remember Onecredit’s Credit Express Dynamic, which, as the bank says, is used to realize an important dream (and the wedding is all-round). The loan ranges from 3 thousand to 30 thousand euro, with a duration of 36 months up to a maximum of 84. Among its facilities, also the option ‘ round rata’, ie the monthly payment that provides a rounded amount (therefore, 100, 300 not 112.43 or 322.10…) really easy to remember.

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